I haven’t seen the things in this book anywhere

The Genesis Project does a great job of giving us insight into what happened behind the scenes in Genesis chapter one. Although complex, it is a bold step towards answering the hard questions both by Christians and Non-Christians. It is the Christian Apologist’s best friend.

It is at once mind-blowing and educative. Through all of the scientific explanations, I can’t help but be in awe of God’s greatness. I haven’t seen the things in this book anywhere! It challenges the Christian community to go further in Bible study. Every church pastor should recommend the book to his congregation.


Leke Alder shows that science is a useful tool in understanding the extent of God’s power

How can the planet earth be 6,000 years old and yet contain the fossils of an extinct species? How can one reconcile scientific facts and findings with Biblical teachings? With “The Genesis Project”, Leke Alder answers these questions and more as he takes on the considerable task of deconstructing the mysteries of creation. In doing this, he shows that science is a useful tool in understanding the extent of God’s power. This is essential reading for Biblical scholars and curious minds alike.


The book answers all my childhood questions on creation

Leke Alder’s books have always been enlightening. And The Genesis Project is no less. It’s indeed an eye-opener. The book answers all my childhood questions on creation. A book everyone must have in their personal library.


It’s an experience!

The Genesis Project by Leke Alder is one of the few mind-engaging books I have come across in recent times. In this book, Leke Alder addresses the science behind the book of Genesis in the Christian bible. One thing I love about the book is that it compels you to think. Deep thinking. The book thrusts you away from the realm of dogmatic beliefs to logical and rational thinking. Unlike stereotypical methodologies, Leke Alder meticulously opens up the book of Genesis deployed with scientific and logical facts.

The book not only features the biblical story, it gives deeper detail of the events that transpired in the creation story. Leke Alder uses a blend of science and philosophical thinking in his delivery.

If you have ever wondered how it all began, then you will benefit a lot from this book. It’s an experience!


I find it most helpful for this generation and those yet unborn

The book is a revelation of mysteries hidden from man and science for many generations and I find it the most helpful for this generation and those yet unborn to as they seek to understand the mysteries of creation and the linkage between science and faith.


Pertinent, mind-boggling questions about creation answered

The Genesis Project is a well-researched wealth of facts, an amalgamation of science and faith. It answers pertinent, mind-boggling questions about creation. As a child I once asked my parents to tell me where God came from and how old he could be. I was told to be patient, grow up and get the answers. Well, I glean the answers to my questions and a lot more from The Genesis Project. For anyone who loves knowledge, seeks understanding of deeper things and how scientific God really is, The Genesis Project is the right book to read and recommend.


An amazingly brilliant documentation for the 21st century mind

Life has many questions and the subject of creation has a lot of questions attached to it. Was the earth made in six days? Is God a scientist? How old is the earth? What’s the big bang theory? And so on. The book The Genesis Project provides in the simplicity of eloquence explanations to these questions and many more. Needless to say, it’s an amazingly brilliant documentation for the 21st century mind. It’s a must read.


The notion the earth was created in one week debunked

This book is a marriage between science and faith. A perfect read for the nihilist and agnostic. The book answers many pertinent questions on space, time, dimension, and where the concept of we call Life emanates from. It completely debunks the notion the earth was created in one week, unlike what many Christian scholars have taught and debated for decades.


The Genesis Project provokes thoughts

This book gives you a whole new perspective about creation. It is full of informative facts and answers several questions serious Bible readers and intellectuals have long pondered. Provokes thoughts.


Leke Alder answers the big questions from Genesis

The Genesis Project is a book for these times. In this book, Leke Alder takes on the big questions from the book of Genesis and poses answers from a position of profound insight backed by research and data. It is a very interesting read and will cause you to think even more deeply about the nature of God and his word.