How old is the universe? In what dimension is God?

How will the world end? What is dark energy?
Are dinosaurs in the Bible? Why doesn’t God grow old?
Does the Bible talk about spaceships? When was Adam created?
What are blackholes? How did the world begin?
How will the world end? Was the world created in one week?
These and many more are the questions answered in The Genesis Project. The book takes a look at the science of Genesis. You will learn about UFOs, higher dimensions, parallel universes, wormholes, time travel, antimatter, alien civilisations and much more. Little did we know that when God said, “Let there be light,” billions of years later the remnant of that light will appear on our TV as static.


Leke Alder, a strategy consultant and polymath is very much in demand on the speaking circuit. He has served as panelist at the Annual Africa Business Conferences of Harvard Business School, Wharton Business School and Kellog School of Management. He has a background in Law.

His quest for the purpose of human existence invariably led him to explore the subject of Genesis from both the scientific and faith dimensions. He advocates an intelligent approach to faith and publishes #Illuminare on Facebook and Twitter every week as well as #Letr2Jack and #Letr2Jil. Reaching 72 countries around the world, his social media impressions are in hundreds of millions. He is the author of several books on life, entrepreneurship and faith. For more on Leke Alder, please go to